Swimming Pool Covers


Holiday Pools and Spas is proud to carry Coverstar pool cover systems.



Coverstar is a leader in the automatic pool cover industry. Through a constant stream of product innovation and by partnering with the best installation and services companies around the world, Coverstar has grown to become one of the premier automatic swimming pool cover companies in the industry.

Coverstar focuses on creating and delivering the most innovative and reliable pool cover products and services available.

We encourage the use of swimming pool covers because they provide several benefits. Coverstar pool covers meet the industry’s most stringent safety standards. These swimming pool covers are convenient, providing easy and quick access to your pool at any time. Pool covers also reduce the need to constantly clean your pool or change pool chemicals, meaning less work and more fun for the pool owner.

Protect your pool and all those who enjoy it with Coverstar safety covers from Holiday Pools and Spas.